Cork County Council has issued its draft LAPs (Local Area Plans) for each of the County’s Municipal Districts (8 in total) on Wednesday 16th November, 2016 for consultation to 6th January, 2017, and are available to view on

Key elements include:

  1. The draft LAPs are based on a horizon year of 2022, but it is intended that, once adopted in July 2017, they will remain in force for the whole of the appropriate period allowed for under the Acts (up to 10 years)
  2. It is proposed to vary the existing Town Plans for former Town Council areas (which remain in force until 2020) to ensure cosnsitency with the new LAPs.
  3. The previously identified nine Metropolitan Cork development sites (Stoneview; Monard; Ballyvolane; Ballinglanna/Dunkettle; Carrigtwohill North; Water-Rock Midleton; Cobh North; Shannonpark Carrigaline; and Ballincollig South) are carried through to the draft LAPs and now renamed ‘Urban Expansion Areas’, with the capacity to deliver 11,000 housing units. The strategies for these nine areas will be overseen by the Council’s newly established Housing and Infrastructure Delivery Team, with the Council taking a lead role in the delivery of core transport and water infrastructure. It is proposed that agreements will be made prior to the submission of planning applications between the Council/other relevant infrastructure agencies and prospective developers to co-ordinate the delivery of infrastructure with the commencement and delivery of new housing. The Council is progressing a start-up infrastructure mechanism to unlock the development potential of those sites, with costs to be recouped on commencement/completion of development via S47 agreements or special development contributions.
  4. Consistent with the Urban Regeneration and Housing Act 2015, regeneration sites have been identified in all towns. These sites have been identified as a consequence of their potential to contribute to the rejuvenation of the towns and deliver housing. These sites may, in time, be subject to the Vacant Sites Levy.
  5. In relation to Town Centres, the draft LAPs propose a Town Centre Improvement Scheme, to provide guidance on future land uses, issues of character, opportunity sites, future urban structure, and public realm improvement priorities, focused initially on Carrigtwohill, Ballincollig, Passage West and Carrigaline. A new retail core defining each of the main shopping streets in towns will be identified.
  6. There is a proposal to improve the key entrance points to the City through a City Gateway Initiative, focused on the N72/N40 Kinsale Road junction; N71 Bandon Road/Chetwynd; N20 Blackpool and R635/R614 Ballyvolane.
  7. A strategic land reserve has been identified across 12 potential sites in Metropolitan Cork to provide for an additional 9,000+ housing units over and above the projected output of 27,059 new housing units from zoned residential land in the draft LAPs. These include lands adjoining the north and south environs of the City; lands between Carrigrohane and Ballincollig; lands between Carrigaline and Ringaskiddy; lands between Glounthane and Carrigtwohill; and lands between Carrigtwohill and Midleton. Sites are to be selected on the basis of key criteria, for inclusion in the finalised LAPs (July 2017).
  8. Updated zoning maps for each settlement (towns, key villages, and villages/village nuclei/other locations) have been prepared, as well as detailed development objectives. Land is not zoned for development within the villages. Rather each village has a defined development boundary and is assigned an overall scale of development (total units and maximum units for individual developments), although this is an indication, not a target.
  9. Updated flood zone mapping (fluvial and tidal only) has been prepared for each of the settlement in the draft LAPs. Indicative flood risk mapping for rural areas is also available.  The approach to flood risk is to avoid development in areas at risk of flooding, and where development in floodplains cannot be avoided, to take a sequential approach to flood risk management based on avoidance, reduction and mitigation of risk.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Dave Coakley ( or Aiden O’Neill ( if we can be of assistance to you or any of your colleagues or clients in relation to the draft LAPs.