Planning Policy

Policy and Zoning Submissions

Coakley O’Neill has a long-established reputation of providing advice to landowners and developers on draft policies and guidelines published by Local Authorities as well as by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.
Site appraisals often highlight policy and zoning constraints which may impact on the development potential of a site. When a new draft guideline, policy or plan is published, we review the documentation and advise our clients on the potential impacts on their lands or developments as a result.

We rely on our extensive knowledge of all stages of the plan making process to ensure that all relevant planning, legislative, environmental and design considerations are reflected in each submission and have successfully secured the rezoning of lands and/or development objectives on behalf of clients across the country.





Master planning

Coakley O’Neill Town Planning has extensive experience in the design, preparation, management and publication of master plans in both the public and private sector. We work with our clients, by assembling the appropriate design team, collaborating with many other disciples, including architects, engineers, traffic consultants, landscape designers etc., to create bespoke masterplans catered to our client’s request.



 Material Contraventions and Material Variations

While development plan objectives are written in the interests of the proper planning and sustainable development of an area, it is not possible for the Plan to take account of every eventuality. Situations may arise where the proper planning and sustainable development of an area may be best served by a development proposal which contravenes the zoning of the Plan.
On this basis, we provide advice to our clients on the methods available to progress a development proposal which may contravene the plan. We assess the sites context and proposed development and advise whether a Material Variation of Material Contravention may better serve the proposed development, while being in keeping with the proper planning and sustainable development of an area.



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