Planning Advocacy

Coakley O’Neill Town Planning have a strong reputation of providing accurate and strategic planning advocacy and advice to our clients throughout every sphere of the planning system, including;

Appeals/Response to Appeals

Coakley O’Neill has extensive experience with the Irish planning appeals process. We have always provided honest advice to our clients on the potential success as well as potential pitfalls associated with the appeals system, on a case by case basis. In considering whether a client should appeal a decision, we will advise on whether there are substantial enough grounds to do so, and will provide a detailed appeal tailored to the subject development if necessary. We also provide first party appeal response services, advocating on behalf of the applicant, and appropriately addressing any issues raised by third party appellants.

In addition, and should the need arise, we can coordinate the presentation of evidence as well as provide advice to the design team at an Oral Hearing, providing expert testimony on behalf of a client to advocate for the most appropriate result.


Compliance Review of Permitted Development

When purchasing a completed development, it is crucial to ensure that it has been built in compliance with its planning permission and associated conditions. On this basis, Coakley O’Neill provide a full compliance and planning review of permitted developments to ensure that the full scheme is in keeping with the permitted development, to mitigate future planning risks, including liability for development contributions.



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